10 Exciting Times You Should use Sparklers

10 Exciting Times You Should use Sparklers 

Don’t let your sparklers sit in your cupboard all year long and wait to be used until the 4th of July. There are so many other events and situations that can be made more exciting by bringing along a few sparklers to light up the night. Whether it is your college graduation or wedding anniversary, sparklers are a fun and bright addition for everyone. Here are 10 exciting ways you can incorporate sparklers at all your favorite events. The possibilities are endless!


Most people think of New Year’s or Birthday parties as holidays that are meant for using sparklers. However, holidays such as Easter, Thanksgiving or even Halloween are great opportunities to bring out your sparklers for your family and friends. It is a guaranteed smile on everybody’s faces, and might even become a new family holiday tradition!


Camping is a perfect time for you and your family to use sparklers once the sun sets. It doesn’t get much better than sitting around the campfire and roasting marshmallows, then getting to play with a sparkler. Kids absolutely love them, seeing them light up the dark night sky. It makes any camping experience a memorable one, and adds a new fun activity other than swimming, fishing, and so much more. It is a tradition that everybody will be looking forward to!

Anniversaries and Graduations

Pulling out your sparklers for a college graduation or wedding anniversary is a wonderful way to make that moment even more magical. These special days don’t happen all the time, and deserve a celebration. Sparklers can be a nice touch to add on top of a cake or add a special, fun touch to your photos. Safety always comes first, so remember to follow safety guidelines and use them in open outdoor areas. Light up your special day with sparklers!


Say goodbye to basic candles on your next birthday cake! This year, for a memorable and fun birthday cake experience, try adding some sparklers on top instead of candles. You won’t be able to blow it out, but it will be a fun touch as everybody sings you happy birthday! You could even use them as party favors, they are a fun way to liven up the party no matter what age you are. Why wouldn’t you want sparklers at your next birthday party?

Special Desserts

You don’t need a holiday or birthday as an excuse to pull out your sparklers, why not put them on any special dessert? Restaurants are known to do this to bring more attention to their desserts, and lighting one at home on top of a treat is equally exciting!

Maternity Photos

If you are considering taking your maternity photos in a beautiful outdoor setting, then consider adding a sparkler in a few photos. A lot of expecting mothers enjoy documenting their pregnancy journey, and adding a sparkler in your photos is just another small way to make the photos that much more special.

Gender Reveals

Every year people come up with more and more unique ways to announce their baby’s gender! Gender reveals have become so popular, and there can be so much more you can do than cutting open a blue or pink cake. However, using sparklers for your gender reveal is on a whole new level of fun and exciting! We have a huge variety of colored sparklers including blue and pink, and you can’t tell what color it is until you light it. All gender reveals are a special time, but you can’t really beat revealing the gender through sparklers!

Nightclubs and Cocktail Garnishes

VIP bottle service at nightclubs is already a fancy and expensive night out. However, many nightclubs choose to elevate their service even more by attaching sparklers to their bottles! It allows bars and clubs to charge slightly more for their bottle service while making the drinks look more exciting.

Proposals and Weddings

Proposals are one of the biggest and most dramatic surprises for a lot of people. You want to make it a fun and memorable moment full of love and happiness. Imagine getting down on one knee just after a huge curtain of sparklers fills the sky. It will surely be a moment nobody will forget. Alongside the proposal, why not use them at your wedding too? A sparkler send-off can be much cooler and visually pleasing than using rice or birdseed, plus no cleanup is required! Whether you use them on top of your cake, in wedding photos, or just party favors for guests, your wedding is sure to be a blast!