10 Ways To Use Sparklers at a Wedding

10 Ways To Use Sparklers at a Wedding

When it comes to visual cues that will surprise your guests, sparklers are the best option every single time. There are so many fun uses for sparklers at a wedding, and that's why they're showing up at so many weddings these days.

Once you’ve bought your sparklers and you know how many you want to have for your wedding, it's time to figure out how you're going to use them, which method is going to provide the best wow factor and the most value for what you spent.

Some of the most popular options include using them as a photo backdrop, mixing them with centerpieces that might include flowers, using them for name tag holders, or even during the first dance and ceremony. Let's take a look at the most popular ways to use sparklers at a wedding.

1. Photos

There is a range of ways to incorporate sparklers into photos and other visual elements of the wedding. Photos are an integral part of any wedding, and their impact as a memory is timeless. Imagine having sparklers in the background of your photos, and there’s no way you won’t want to use them!

2. Centerpieces

You’ve spent time on the centerpieces for your guests’ tables, why not add a little sparkle to them? As long as your venue allows it and you don’t put anything flammable in your centerpiece, this can be a great way to dazzle your guests, right in front of their eyes as they walk into the reception.

3. Name Card Holders

So everyone knows where they’re supposed to be, you’ve placed carefully chosen placeholders on the tables. Why not use a sparkler to catch their attention? This is an elegant way to surprise your guests in a traditional area of the wedding.

4. The Entrance

The moment when the bride enters the ceremony hall is often hair-raising, and sparklers are the perfect way to turn up the volume on this special moment. Having guests light their sparklers as the bride enters and walks down the aisle is a great way to add more ceremony to the occasion.

5. First Kiss

That special moment when the vows have been exchanged, rings have been placed on fingers, and everyone has said “I do” is perfectly punctuated by sparklers. Setting them behind the couple or having the wedding party hold them is the perfect way to highlight the moment and has the added bonus of jazzing up any photos of the first kiss.

6. Get Rid of the Candles

Want to make a wedding cake truly original? Light some sparklers on it and let it shine! This is the perfect touch for the cutting of the first piece, and whether the cake is smeared on a face or not, the photos are sure to be amazing.

7. Bottles

Placing sparklers on champagne bottles and incorporating them into a wedding toast is a great way to highlight the importance of the speech. The bottle topped by a sparkler is sure to catch the attention of the room, and the speech is sure to be remembered with the added spectacle.

8. All Together

Placing a lot of sparklers together, on a stand or in a bucket is a mesmerizing and dazzling way to decorate a wedding reception. When guests walk into the space you’ve been planning for months and see the sparkle, they’ll be surprised and delighted at the unexpected and beautiful touch.

9. The Ring Bearer

That adorable ring bearer bringing that special jewelry down the aisle will have everyone’s attention, especially if they are carrying a sparkler. As long as it’s safe, this is a great way to highlight the momentous occasion.

10. The Exit

That big exit when the happy couple walks out of the venue and off to their honeymoon is an emotional and exciting one for everyone. Sparklers lining the walkways or exit are the perfect way to highlight the moment, and the photos will appreciate the added visual element.

The Perfect Compliment

No matter how you use sparklers in your wedding, they are sure to dazzle and excite all of your guests and leave you with beautiful memories for the rest of your life.