Are Heart-Shaped Wedding Sparklers Right for You?

Are Heart-Shaped Wedding Sparklers Right for You?

 Your special day is approaching and you have everything perfectly planned. Maybe you're going over the little details of the big day and wondering what kind of sparklers to consider for your wedding day. You can choose between traditional sparklers or heart-shaped sparklers that add a romantic touch to the most important night of your life. Which one are you going to choose? 

In this post, we tell you the most outstanding features of heart-shaped sparklers and you will find out if they are the right choice for you.

Main Features

Heart-shaped sparklers are approximately 30 cm tall. Their burning time is approximately 90 seconds or 1 minute and a half. Which allows your guests to have a good time to contemplate the glow and romantic ambiance of these sparklers. They can be used in different events, but at weddings, they give a very ad hoc experience to the party. In addition, these heart-shaped sparklers have a steel wire, which means that they do not produce smoke that can disturb your guests.

How to Light Them

Heart-shaped sparklers are lit in a different way than traditional sparklers. To light them you must light them in the center of the heart just where the heart is divided in half. In this way, the sparklers are lit all around the heart which allows you to create a romantic experience that will captivate all your guests. It is recommended that each table have two or more lighters as it takes a little longer to light the heart sparklers than a conventional one.

Big Wedding or Small Wedding

It may not seem like a very relevant reason; however, the number of guests you have at your wedding can be an important point that will help you in choosing sparklers. Stick sparklers work for all types of events. No matter if it is a large or small event, regular sparklers will always be a special touch for your guests. If your wedding is more intimate and with few guests, you can choose the option of heart-shaped sparklers as these sparklers take longer to light. If your wedding is larger and you want to include heart-shaped sparklers, there is nothing to worry about! The only thing you need to make sure of is that there are several lighters available for the guests. With this, you can allow time for several guests to light their sparklers at the same time. Another viable option is for you to combine the types of sparklers and have regular and heart-shaped sparklers available for your guests.

Other Benefits

One of the most important things at your wedding is the favors. You can use the uniqueness of heart-shaped sparklers to your advantage for romantic and unique photos. By shining in two different directions, heart-shaped sparklers look fantastic in photos. Your guests will enjoy taking pictures with heart-shaped sparklers. You can even give sparklers as a wedding favor. Trust us; they will love that detail! 

Heart-shaped sparklers are very safe and easy to handle, so younger guests will be able to participate and have fun with them. 

Another benefit of heart-shaped sparklers is that they can be used as decorations in centerpieces before lighting them. Or, hand them out to guests to light during the bride and groom's first dance. 

Because they are so versatile, you can use them in the general decoration of your wedding. You can light them on the cake for a spectacular photo. They can be placed on the seating or in strategic places for your guests to have fun finding them all over the venue.

Why Choose Heart-Shaped Wedding Sparklers?

In addition to adding a romantic and unique touch to the most important day of your life, heart-shaped sparklers come at an affordable price. It's a perfect opportunity to give an unexpected twist to traditional sparklers. As you could read in this post, these sparklers are a very original alternative to surprise your guests. The heart shape glorifies the main theme of a wedding which is love, which makes them perfect to use on that day. 

Now that you have read the features and benefits of opting for heart-shaped sparklers, it is time for you to decide if they are an option that suits your tastes and your dream wedding.