Different Sparkler Sizes: How to Choose the Best One

Different Sparkler Sizes: How to Choose the Best One

There are sparklers for every occasion. These decorators are known as symbols for lighting celebrations elegantly. They come in different shapes, styles, and colors to suit any event. Thanks to modern manufacturing techniques, sparklers offer limitless options for consumers seeking to make their occasion a lasting memory. 

Do you want to try out some sparklers in your event but are not sure which one is best for you? It's easy to get confused and buy the wrong ones. To help you make the right choice, here is a list of the different sparkler sizes:

A Wide Variety

Whether your event is indoor or outdoor, sparklers come in various shapes and sizes to fit the occasion. Each sparkler adds some dazzle to make that moment all the more special.

10 Inch Sparklers

If you are on a tight budget, then these are the most common and affordable versions for your celebration. Each of them will burn for approximately 30-45 seconds, giving you a small amount of “sparkle” time.

We recommend the ones made from steel because they are smokeless. They have a short burn time which makes them less ideal for pictures, but they work great as decorations or centerpiece accessories.

20 Inch Sparklers

These sparklers are the most popular choice. They are not only affordable but last longer too. Each of them will burn for roughly one and a half minutes.

Compared to the 10-inch version, you get ample time to hand them out and set up for your photo shoot. This eliminates worries and allows you to enjoy the celebration. If your guest list has over 100 guests, then two to three sparklers per guest should provide enough sparkle.

We recommend using the steel-made 20-inch sparkler because it is safe and smokeless. If you want to get creative with your photo shoot, they are great for writing words or symbols in the air. Due to their size, they are suitable to be used as centerpieces. 

36 Inch Sparklers

These are the largest size of all sparklers. They are three feet long and twice as thick as the others. They also last for almost three and a half minutes, and the sparkle created is twice as bright.

Since it lasts longer, you will only need one or two per guest. These are the ultimate choice for send-off lines because of their length and long-lasting performance. They are also ideal for creating backdrop lighting effects in photos, giving you that “wow” factor.

Helpful Hint

If you want your sparklers to stand out, then you have versatile options available with various shapes and sizes. Heart-shaped sparklers are even available for certain special occasions. They are 12 inches long, and the burn time is one and a half minutes. They set the theme of love and are considered the most romantic choice.


These sparklers are affordable and can light up in two different directions hence creating a unique and charming effect in the photoshoot.  Whatever sparkler size you choose, they are sure to dazzle and excite everyone on your special occasion.


All it takes is the perfect match to make your day sparkle!