Great Events You Can Use Sparklers for

Great Events You Can Use Sparklers for

At the end of the day, when people think of sparklers, they think of select few days of the year when they can use these fun little accessories. Canada Day or Diwali are some obvious days that come to mind but there are just so many events where sparklers can really brighten things up. Here are some ways you can use them at any other celebration during the year too.

New Year’s Eve

If you think about it, New Years is a great time for sparklers to really brighten up the holidays. It is the time of year where you are just looking to party and heir in the new year with a bang. Sparklers lighting up the night are just the thing to add a little pizzaz your night needs. The problem is that it may be a little difficult to find sparklers at that time of year. Also, depending on where you live, you may be doing your new years celebration inside. If so, then you have to make sure you get smokeless sparklers otherwise your guests will choke on the smoke, or you will trigger the smoke alarm. If you use them outside though, you can use any sparkler you want since the fresh air will release the smoke just fine.

Birthday Parties

Every birthday party is filled with candles to make their party a special day so why not add some sparklers to the mix to make your friend or family member’s special day that much more fun. When you bring out the cake, it could be fun to add some sparklers as well since they really add a certain something to your fun event. In New York, there is even a restaurant that can put “party sparklers’ in their margaritas.

However, if you are planning the birthday party for your child, then you may have to be slightly careful. Using sparklers with kids involves an adult always being present and attentive to make sure the kids know and follow sparkler safety rules. To see our article on sparkler safety rules, click here

In general, particularly with kids, get some sparklers with longer handles and with shorter lengths (20 inches or shorter).


Sadly, Covid-19 has ruined many graduation celebrations for high school and college graduates. A lot of parents and students had to figure out new ways to celebrate their milestones without massive parties and big crowds.

Many parents used sparklers in their backyard and even spelled their grad year in the air and posted the pics on Instagram. Some even spelled their school or uni name in the air with sparklers. They really were a great way to have a good time from a distance.


Picture your ideal wedding day and some of the special moments throughout the day. One of the key moments of your wedding will undoubtedly be the first dance. Some couples in recent years have handed out sparklers to all their guests and had them light them up as they rein in their marriage with their dance.

The best sparklers for these celebrations are 36-inch sparklers since they can last up to 4 minutes, which should be enough for the length of the dance. Trust us, the night will really be made a lot more meaningful, and the wedding photos will be stunning!


Considering sparklers are often the preferred choice for Independence Day in many countries, then one would say it would be apt to use them to celebrate the coming together of couples too. Many online retailers offer heart shaped sparklers for your friends and family, so you can buy them without dragging yourself to the nearest party store. Oftentimes, an anniversary is not just celebrated by a couple, but their friends and family. A photo of all of them holding sparklers outlining the date of their anniversary can be such a cute photo aesthetic that you will not want to miss.