How to Create Amazing Sparkler Centerpieces

How to Create Amazing Sparkler Centerpieces

Using sparklers on your reception tables is both a fun and gorgeous way to add something a little extra special to the day. We have put together a few tips on how best to make a sparkler centerpiece work for your wedding day.

How to Put Together a Sparkler Centerpiece

There are different ways to create an amazing centerpiece for your reception tables, making the sparklers the star of the show. Some centerpieces are just for decorations and others are created to be interactive. Ensure that the centerpiece looks appealing and goes well with your other decorations. There are also practical components you need to keep in mind, like how to set up the centerpieces so that they function properly and are safe too.

Deciding the Function of the Centerpiece

Of course, the main idea behind having a centerpiece is decoration, and to bring the room’s atmosphere together. However, think about if you want the centerpiece to be strictly ornamental or would you like a more interactive centerpiece. 

If your sparkler centerpieces are solely to look great then the presentation is of the utmost importance. You will want a centerpiece to incorporate the sparklers so that it looks amazing prior to them being lit, but also remain beautiful once they have stopped sparkling. The sparkler centerpieces can be set on each table and simultaneously lit for a beautiful display. 

Another option is to have a sparkler centerpiece that is meant to be used by your guests. You might want guests to be able to light the sparklers and hold them at a specific moment during the night. One idea is to have a note saying “grab a sparkler” so guests know what is intended. If you choose to have an interactive sparkler display, make sure that the presentation still looks appealing once the sparklers are taken.

Choosing a Container

The container that you choose to hold the sparklers is also an important part of the centerpiece. They need to be both functional and visually appealing. Decide on what size you want the centerpiece to be and how many sparklers you want to fit inside. Some people like to use large vases but nicely presented mason jars are also a good option. Also, depending on how you want the centerpiece to function, will also help in choosing a container. For example, if the sparklers are meant to be taken out, you can put as many sparklers that fit in the container. If you want the centerpiece itself to be lit, then you need a container that will fit sand or something to ensure the sparklers remain sturdy. If the sparkler centerpiece is going to be lit altogether, then you want to give each sparkler in the centerpiece enough room to light.

What Type of Sparkler

There are a few different styles of sparklers that come in different shapes and sizes. An original straight sparkler is the best option to use in a centerpiece since shapes can be unpredictable and you want them to stand up properly as well. 

The size of the sparkler that you choose will depend on the size of the container and how much space you have on the table. Generally using a 10- or 20-inch sparkler is sufficient for a centerpiece, they are stable and a good size. However, you may want a huge overpowering centerpiece with a larger container, and then perhaps using 36-inch sparklers will work for you. The size of the sparkler ultimately depends on the size of the display that you want.

Putting Together the Centerpiece

The main goal of a centerpiece is for it to look good. You may want to incorporate other elements to your sparkler centerpiece like flowers, shells, or decorating the outside of the container. Think about what elements will look good with the sparklers while they are lit and make the centerpiece go with the rest of your wedding theme. You do of course want to make sure that other decorations do not get in the way of the sparkler if you decide to light them in the container. Remember to be safe while lighting your centerpiece.

Having a sparkler centerpiece at your wedding is an excellent addition to your special day, for something creative and a little extra exciting.