How to Perform a Wedding Sparkler Exit

How to Perform a Wedding Sparkler Exit

Is there a more stunning way to capture your magical day than with a wedding sparkler exit?

The wedding sparkler exit has become a popular way for the bride and groom to exit the wedding reception because it turns the farewell into an awesome and memorable moment.

It’s fun, gets everyone involved, and it’s a great alternative to a simple tunnel or farewell circle. Plus, you get great photos to look back on this memorable occasion!

But they don’t always go as perfectly as planned. While it’s not rocket science, there are ways to ensure your wedding sparkler exit goes off without a hitch.

That’s why we’ve put together this simple guide for you to follow to guarantee you have the most wonderful sendoff!

Check With Your Venue

Due to fire safety regulations, you’ll want to check with your reception venue before you start planning your sparkler exit. Most venues will only allow you to light sparklers outside in certain areas. Some venues have even banned sparkers because of irresponsible behavior like throwing sparklers on the roof or in bushes.

If it’s not too late, and a wedding sparkler exit is a must-have, search for a reception venue outdoors with lots of space to exit. Preferably not a small space or parking lot that may make it difficult to capture amazing photos.

Purchase the Right Sparklers

Unfortunately, those little Fourth of July sparklers will not do the trick for your wedding day sparkler exit. You will want to use long sparklers that glow bright gold and don’t create a lot of smoke. For this reason, wedding sparklers were specifically designed and created. They rise above people’s line of sight, burn bright gold for magnificent photos, and last long enough to give you the sendoff you deserve.

Have Enough Sparklers

While it’s inevitable that some guests will leave early, make sure you still order enough sparklers for everyone. There’s always the chance that the younger crowd will light a few before the grand exit. Plus, even if there are extra, people can hold one in each hand for an even brighter experience.

Have Enough Lighters

This might be the most overlooked detail. While it’s assumed a portion of your guests will be carrying a lighter, those few can’t light 100 sparklers at the same time. Make sure to provide a bowl of cheap, working lighters next to your sparkler table to avoid this problem.

Communicate the Plan Before

You don’t have to tell everyone the plan, but it would be wise to display the sparklers for everyone to see 15-30 minutes before your big exit. This will ensure everyone has enough time to figure out what’s going on. Plus, this will prevent guests from saying their goodbyes and leaving early if they know about the sendoff. However, if people are being loud and acting a little intoxicated, you probably should make an announcement.

Helpful Hint

A lit sparkler can light other sparklers. Once one is lit, have everyone come together to light their sparkler from it. By having everyone in coordination with each other, you can ensure your wedding sparkler exit goes smoothly.

Also, make sure to have some buckets of sand or water for people to douse or toss their sparklers. This not only prevents accidents but also makes cleanup easier.

In closing, enjoy this incredible moment in your life. Dance, sing, jump, hug, laugh, cry, and soak it in!