How to Use 10 Inch Sparklers at your Wedding

How to Use 10 Inch Sparklers at your Wedding

A great way to spice up your wedding day is to use sparklers, and there are various ways to do so. Our 10-inch sparklers are very popular; they are easy to use, readily available, and our least expensive sparkler. These versatile sparklers are a nice addition to any wedding celebration and will add that extra wow factor. Here we outline a few different ways that we suggest incorporating our 10-inch sparklers into your special day.

Wedding Decorations

Sparklers can be used to enhance your reception area, drawing your guests' eyes to the surrounding decorations. The 10-inch sparklers can be placed among other decorations, hung with your streamers, and mixed in between your garland or wreath. Typically, a sparkler tag or sparkler holder made from card stock will be used to dress up the presentation of the sparklers. Using sparklers as trinkets within your reception decorations is both fun and easy to do!

For the Centerpiece

Use our 10-inch sparklers as an exciting addition to your reception tables. You can mix them in with your flowers and other ornaments for a more creative version of a centerpiece. Not only will sparklers add a unique touch to your table, but they will also likely save you money. 

Flowers that are generally used as a centerpiece can cost a lot of money, especially when you are buying a high quantity, whereas sparklers are very cost-effective. What better way to add a spark to your tables than with a sparkler centerpiece.

As Wedding Favors

Adding some 10-inch sparklers into your wedding favors is another way to do something special for your guests. Sparklers can be used throughout the wedding evening as entertainment and for some extra flair. Alternatively, guests can bring the sparklers home to use for other occasions and think of you while doing so. Your wedding favors will be a little more exciting if you add in a few sparklers for your guests!

In your Photos

The 10-inch sparklers are also ideal for use in your wedding photos! When they are lit, sparklers give off such a beautiful light that can be photographed for a cool effect. You can also move the sparkler and write or draw with them in the air, which can be captured with the correct camera settings. 

The bride and groom can pose with them in their couple photos- maybe draw a heart or your initials for a custom image! You might want to have a designated photo area or photobook where guests can pose with the sparklers as well. Alternatively, guests can use the sparklers when the bride and groom kiss or have their first dance -all will provide a great photo moment. There are many opportunities to add sparklers into photographs on your wedding day.

Why 10 Inch Sparklers are Great to Use at your Wedding

There are many ways to get creative and to incorporate our 10-inch sparklers into your wedding day. With so many options, it is both a fun and straightforward way to add something extra to the celebration. The 10-inch sparklers are a great option because they are very inexpensive and easy to add to most weddings without making much of a dent in your wedding budget! 

Another reason the 10-inch sparkler is so fantastic is that they are a perfect size. We highly recommend this size for weddings of 50 guests or less. They will spark for long enough to be exciting or to be caught on camera—they are not too short and not too long. 

Our 10-inch sparklers are recommended for a multitude of different purposes at your wedding and will be an excellent addition specifically for a smaller wedding. If you like the idea of creating a more interactive reception atmosphere or incorporating some spark to your centerpieces, these are great options. 

They are also ideal as wedding favors for your guests to use and to add something special to wedding photos. These sparklers will be a notable addition to your wedding; they are simple to use, versatile, and very affordable, so it is definitely worth adding a few packages of our 10-inch sparklers into your wedding planning!