How to Use Sparklers 12 Different Ways

How to Use Sparklers 12 Different Ways

Sparklers are a fun and exciting way to spark up a special occasion or to add some sentiment to any day. You can get very creative in how you want to use your sparklers to best create the look and feel that you are going for. There are many different ways people like to use sparklers and they can be used throughout the year. We have compiled 12 different ideas that we think are amazing as to when and how sparklers can be used, so hopefully, you will discover a new way to have fun with sparklers.


Why not use sparklers and add some flair to any and all the holidays you celebrate. Oftentimes, sparklers are used during New years, for the 4th of July, and for Diwali. However, there are many other holidays and occasions to use sparklers. For example, you can light sparklers during Thanksgiving or on Easter. Maybe you can celebrate Hanukkah or Christmas by lighting sparklers as well. Introducing sparklers into your holiday celebration is exciting and a fun activity you can do with all your friends and family. You may even create a new holiday tradition that you can practice for many years to come.


Another fun option for when to use sparklers is on a camping trip. There are many people, like myself, that enjoy camping and being out in nature sleeping under the stars. A great addition to your camping experience could be lighting sparklers when it gets dark out. Usually, if you are camping far from the city there are very few lights and so the vibrant glow from the sparklers is stunning next to the dark sky. Using sparklers around the campfire or while telling stories will definitely add something a little extra special to your camping experience. Another activity you could try is writing words or drawing pictures in the sky with the light from your sparkler stick, this could be a fun camping game too. Lighting sparklers could be an excellent addition to your camping trips and something extra to look forward to when out in nature.

Anniversaries and Graduations

What better way to commemorate your special moment than to light sparklers to remember an anniversary or your graduation. Sparklers can be used to create an extra special moment when celebrating an anniversary with your partner. No matter where you choose to celebrate or how you choose to spend your time, an anniversary can be made that much more memorable if you light sparklers together and watch them glow. 

Similarly, when you are celebrating a graduation, you can also use sparklers to add to the special day. Maybe you can light them off after the graduate has walked across the stage, or at a graduation party. You may also want to light off sparklers when you are posing for your graduation photo. Why not use sparklers to celebrate this great milestone in your life. Watching sparklers is just one of those things that always makes me smile, something that is just a little extra special to add to either an anniversary or graduation celebration.


One idea that may sound a little bit crazy is using sparklers underwater. Some sparklers can be lit above water and then be held in the water for them to continue to spark. You do however need to make sure that the specific sparklers you use are rated to be used underwater, and may have to do a little bit of research to do so. But if you do manage to find underwater-rated sparklers, trying this out can be very fun and definitely a unique way to try using sparklers.


There are many different traditions that families do for their birthday celebrations. Oftentimes, you will see party hats, goodie bags, and birthday cakes at a birthday party which are all fun additions. But why not add sparklers to the mix? Similar to how you would use candles on your cake,  you can stick a few sparklers on top and watch them glow as you sing happy birthday. Another way you can use sparklers for a birthday is to distribute them to your guests as a party favor. Having sparklers in your goodie bag can be an extra special treat for all your friends and family members to go home with. And lastly, you can add sparklers to your birthday party decorations. Maybe you can have them on the tables as centerpieces or light them off when guests arrive. There are many possibilities to use sparklers for an extra special birthday gathering.

Maternity Photos

Many soon-to-be parents love to take maternity photos to document their pregnancy experience. Posing for photos is a lovely way to capture a moment that you want to remember later on. One great idea is to have sparklers in your maternity photos for an incredibly memorable experience and to create a gorgeous shot. A lit sparkler, if captured properly can create a stunning element to your photograph. One suggestion is to do your maternity photoshoot outdoors where there is natural lighting. The vibrant sparklers photograph better with natural lighting and when they are against more contrasted dark backgrounds. Use sparklers for a magical addition to your maternity photos.

Sporting Events

Watching sports can be fun and very entertaining in itself. However, if you introduce sparklers to the event you could create an extra special experience. Maybe you want to light them when the game or event begins or set them off to celebrate a goal! You can use sparklers for an extra special cheer when you see some great talent or when you are watching a favorite player step on the field. There are many different times that it is great to light your sparkler at your favorite sporting event. It is so much fun to cheer on a sport, especially with the added fun of lighting sparklers.

Gender Reveals

One fairly new trend is to create a celebration around announcing the gender of your expected baby with all your close friends and family. There are many creative ways to reveal your baby's gender, for example using colored confetti, cupcakes, or balloons. Generally, if you are having a boy you will surprise your guests with something blue and if you are having a girl you would reveal something pink. An awesome way to create that surprise moment is to use different colored sparklers to show your baby's gender, 

Before sparklers are lit, they all look the same color so nothing will be given away too soon. There are different colored sparklers that you can purchase, like blue or pink as well as other colors that you may want to use. For example, green has been used to show that you are having twins. Then, when you are ready to reveal you can light your colored sparkler and it will glow to display whichever color you have chosen and will reveal to your guests the gender of your baby. Such an exciting way to celebrate the gender of your baby to be.

Nightclubs and Cocktail Garnishes

In some nightclubs, they offer a VIP section where guests can have their own table and are to celebrate with their friends. Offering bottle service is a popular way to have a special night at the club with your friends and a great way for clubs to make money. The bottles are generally presented to the tables by the waitstaff and sometimes will be followed with a sign where guests can write a special message for whatever they are celebrating that night. One way you can use sparklers is in the bottle service presentation, maybe on the bottle itself or held by other staff when the bottle is going to the table. A fun and flashy way to bring the bottle to a table. 

Alternatively, you can use lit sparklers as an added garnish for cocktails. Using sparklers is a creative way to make your cocktails look stunning and will also probably add to the desirability of ordering that drink. I know that if I saw someone order a fancy cocktail with a sparkler in it I would be intrigued to order the same thing.

Special Dessert

Sticking some sparklers on the top of any dessert is also a way to add something a little special. If you are at a restaurant or having home-baked desserts, you can add sparklers to the presentation on top or around the dessert so that it will look that much more stunning. Maybe you are celebrating some occasion with the dessert or just sharing it with friends just because, either way adding sparklers is a great addition to any tasty treat.

Proposals and Other Surprises

I know I love planning surprises and being surprised myself. Surprising someone with some good news or an unexpected celebration can be amusing for everyone involved. Lighting sparklers will definitely create your surprise moment, whatever it is. You may even want to use sparklers for a dramatic effect during a marriage proposal for that most memorable moment. Sometimes thinking of a good way to surprise someone can be tricky, and lighting sparklers is a relatively simple yet effective way to do so.


Another spectacular celebration with many ways to incorporate sparklers is during your wedding day. There are so many unique ways to use sparklers in a wedding and to add to your special day. They have been used during the bride and groom’s big send-off or to celebrate when the newlyweds kiss. Some other awesome ways to add them to a wedding are as decorations in your reception area. Maybe on the table centerpieces, or amongst other decorations. Additionally, you can put them on your wedding cake or on your dessert table to draw attention to the stunning treats. You could also have sparklers for your guests to use throughout the night, in photographs for some special memories, or lastly, have sparklers as party favors for an easily added gift for your wedding guests. Why not make your special day just a little bit more special with sparklers.

How Do You Like to Use Sparklers?

There are so many different ideas of how and when to use sparklers, this list is definitely not an exhaustive one. However, you choose to use your sparklers you will want to keep in mind that although very fun, sparklers can also be slightly dangerous. So always do some research on how best to use the sparklers and make sure you are being safe when you light and use your sparkler. Sparklers are awesome to use for all different events and for people of different ages so I would highly recommend looking into using them to add to your next celebration, event, or special moment.