How To Use Sparklers in Weddings

How To Use Sparklers in Weddings

Sparklers are a unique, dazzling way to add a memorable touch to your wedding day. With their varying styles and uses, you may find yourself asking: how do I use sparklers on my wedding day?

Below, I’ve outlined the most common and simple ways to integrate sparklers into a wedding.

Things To Keep in Mind

Sparklers are an incredible way to add a special touch to your special day but must be used responsibly and safely. Make sure everyone handling a sparkler has been given the proper instructions and training and that the event space is well-suited for pyrotechnics. If lighting sparklers inside, ensure there are no fire hazards in the immediate area the sparklers will be used. If lighting sparklers outside, ensure there are no outdoor fire hazards such as dry leaves, grass, or brush nearby.

It’s also important to purchase sparklers that burn cleanly and don’t produce smoke, ensuring the safety and comfort of your guests, decorations, and clothing.

The Send-Off

By far, the most popular way to use sparklers in a wedding is during the bride and groom’s send-off. Hand sparklers out to your guests as wedding favors and have them wave the lighted sparklers as you make your final march as husband and wife. This approach works best if your send-off takes place after or around sunset, allowing the sparklers to shine their brightest and leave you and your guests with a sparkling memory to last a lifetime.


Using sparklers as center-pieces is a unique and exciting way to brighten up your event space. You’ll want to purchase sparklers with longer stems, preventing injury or damage to your guests and the rest of your decor. Make sure to also check-in with your event space for their pyrotechnic policies. If you’re unable to use traditional sparklers as part of your decoration, consider using LED, flameless sparklers instead.

The Grand March

As the newly-weds and bridal party make their way into the reception hall for the first time, what better way to make an entrance than with an exciting sparkler display? Consider integrating sparklers into your grand march for a brilliant, exciting start to the reception.

In Photos

Try handing out sparklers to your guests or bridal party to hold in the background of photos. What’s more romantic than a passionate kiss set to a shining sparkler display? Consider using colored sparklers, like red or blue, for a more customized and unique approach.

During The First Dance

Imagine dancing with your new bride or groom for the first time, surrounded by the dazzling gold glow of sparklers in the hands of your friends and family. Let your guests hold sparklers while watching the first dance for an extraordinary memory of love and warmth that will last a lifetime.

As The Cake Topper

Like an extravagant candle atop your elegant wedding cake, another great use for sparklers at weddings is adding them to the top of your wedding cake and lighting them as you cut into it for the first time. Sparklers add a celebratory feel that aligns perfectly with the traditional cakecutting ceremony. Try using heart-shaped sparklers for an extra-romantic feel.

On Champagne Bottles

Another instance where the celebratory nature of sparklers fits perfectly, sparklers atop the champagne bottles of your bridal toast! Add them to the bottles of the head table or, for a more luxurious approach, add a sparkler-topped bottle of champagne to each of the guest tables, so all can enjoy the fun of a shimmering bridal toast.

Get Creative

If you think of another great use for sparklers on your wedding day that hasn’t been listed here, give it a try! There are so many special and memorable ways to incorporate sparklers into your big day, all it takes is a little imagination and a whole lot of sparkle.

Follow the guidelines above or try out our own sparkler techniques for an unforgettable wedding day that glimmers and shines long into your happy life as man and wife.