Smokeless Sparklers: What You Need To Know

Smokeless Sparklers: What You Need To Know

When you light something on fire, it will create some form of smoke. So when you hear the term “smokeless,” it should mean there is no smoke.

However, when it comes to a smokeless sparkler, there is still a tiny amount of smoke that comes out. They are actually low-smoke sparklers and pretty close to being smoke-free. Not to mention choosing any kind of sparklers for your special occasion is always a great choice. 


For sparklers to be smokeless, there are two central factors behind them. Here is a detailed look at how color and materials affect how much smoke sparklers give off:

Gold Color

One criterion to know you have purchased smokeless sparklers is that they burn in gold color. This is because they lack the pigments that add a variety of colors. 

Steel Wired Handle

The other is the material. Steel wired sparklers are the ones that have the advantage of not creating any smoke. On the other hand, bamboo sparklers will burn slowly hence creating additional smoke for the sparkler.


Smokeless sparklers are the preferred choice for any special occasion. There are some specific areas where they can really stand out. There are quite a few benefits to using smokeless sparklers:

Indoor Setting

The most common and probably the best benefit is for indoor events. If you plan to light your sparklers inside, you certainly wouldn’t want people getting smoked out. Low smoke sparklers are allowed in most indoor settings, and you don’t have to worry about people gasping for air the entire time they are used.

Memorable Photos

It is evident that the way to remember a moment is through capturing them. This is another beneficial use of smokeless sparklers. They look amazing in photos, making them memorable to look back on. 

Send-off Lines

Another equally good benefit of smokeless sparklers is for send-off line photos. While having a grand entrance is essential, there needs to be a great exit as well. What better way than by having a path lit up by smokeless sparklers? They won’t ruin the guests' new outfits and can be used to guide them out as they leave, creating a well-deserved send-off. 

Parting Shot

One of the most important things to keep in mind with sparklers is always to stay safe. If they are mishandled, they can be very dangerous. Here are a few safety tips to remember:

  • In case your sparkler gets too hot, be sure to have a bucket of sand or water nearby to dump on it.
  • You can also use a plastic cup as a protective shield against the sparkler by poking a hole through the bottom then sticking the sparkler through.
  • It is equally advisable to use sparklers and/ or any other fireworks in an open area. When indoors, they should be used with caution.
  • Children using sparklers need to be under strict adult supervision. Keep the sparklers away from children younger than five.

Now that you know all the details about smokeless sparklers, it’s time to get some friends together and make some fun memories!