Tips for Performing a Sparkler Exit in the Spring

Tips for Performing a Sparkler Exit in the Spring

Spring is a lovely time of year, making it a popular wedding season for many reasons. Including a sparkler exit at the end of your Spring wedding ceremony may require some extra planning, as the weather can be somewhat unpredictable. Luckily, I have put together some helpful tips to create a magical sparkler moment, regardless of the weather or location.

Where to Create a Memorable Sparkler Exit Outdoors

The ideal place for a spring wedding would be outdoors, but with poor weather being a possibility, you might want to consider having some sort of outdoor shelter. However, sparklers require plenty of open space to be used safely, which can make it difficult to figure out your venue and which sparklers are best for your wedding.

Your Location

There are a few things you can look for when choosing your wedding venue that would provide protection and be suitable to perform your sparkler send-off.


Firstly, under trees that are tall enough to provide at least 10 ft of space between your head and the branches for safety reasons would work. Avoid using long sparklers and your exit is sure to look beautiful under a large tree.


Secondly, an outdoor venue that includes a tall pavilion can be a great spot for your sparkler exit. To ensure all safety precautions are in place, your pavilion shouldn't have any obstructions to the top. A vaulted ceiling will ensure it is tall enough. 

Open area or parking lot

Lastly, the easiest and safest option would be any large and open area like a parking lot or long building entrance. There are no obstructions or dangers, and you can use any length or type of sparkler you’d like. However, there is no protection for potential poor weather, so we recommend having a tent or backup indoor location ready to go.

Choosing the Right Sparkler

The type of sparklers that are safe to use depend on which location you have chosen. For under trees, I typically suggest the 20-inch length to be safe. For under a pavilion, you should never use anything longer than our 20-inch wedding sparklers. Lastly, if your location is a wide-open area, you have the most flexibility in choosing your sparklers. You can pick any color, size, or shape to create your memorable sparkler send-off.

Where to Create a Memorable Sparkler Exit Indoors

Planning an indoor wedding means you won’t have to worry about what kind of weather happens on your special day. But, it can limit your location and sparkler choices if you are set on performing a sparkler exit.

Your Location

Finding the right location for your indoor send-off is just a matter of fitting the criteria. You will need to make sure the area is tall and wide enough, but also long enough. There should be plenty of room for your guests and enough room at the end of the aisle for your exit.

Choosing the Right Sparkler

Indoor wedding exits carry the most risk. To reduce that risk, use a sparkler under 20 inches. Anything longer creates too much risk for fire and guest safety. 

No matter the length, smokeless sparklers will be the safest under any conditions. Choosing a quality, smokeless brand will create an enjoyable exit for everyone.

Spring-Specific Safety Tips for Using Wedding Sparklers

Regardless of when or where you plan to use our products, following all sparkler safety rules and guidelines is vital to the safety of you and your guests. Using common sense and having the proper safety equipment readily available is key. 

Due to it being Springtime, the ground is typically wet which can cut down some of the risks of a potential spark catching. As long as you are making good decisions, you can ensure a very safe and enjoyable experience.

Is a Sparkler Exit Right for Your Spring Wedding?

It’s completely up to you and your partner! Spring is a beautiful time for a sparkler send-off and our products are sure to make a wonderful and memorable day. Don’t forget to take some inspiration from this sparkler exit inspiration gallery for more great ideas.