Traveling With Your Wedding Dress

Traveling With Your Wedding Dress

Finding your dream wedding dress is one of the most extraordinary and meaningful moments for women when it comes to their wedding. When it comes to planning a destination wedding, you want to make sure you spend extra time figuring out how you will transport your gown, so it arrives safely and on time. Discovering that your dress needs last-minute repairs is an easy way to cause unnecessary stress on your wedding day, so we put together some options to help you get your dress to your wedding.

Mail Your Wedding Dress

The first way you can safely transport your wedding dress to your destination is by mailing it. By sending your dress in the mail, you do not have to worry about carrying your dress on the plane and risking it potentially getting lost in transit. Simply choose your favorite shipping company, and your dress will be awaiting you in pristine condition at your destination. Remember to have arrangements for picking up your dress when it arrives. For a small fee, some hotels will sign and hold your dress for you until you arrive.

Check it With Your Luggage

The next option you have is to carefully package your dress and check it in with the rest of your luggage at the airport. It usually won’t cost any extra money, and your dress will (hopefully) arrive at your destination with you and the rest of your bags. However, this way of sending your wedding dress this way is quite risky. You don’t know who is handling it, and anything could happen between the time it is loaded on the plane and arrives. Be sure to weigh your options wisely, as wedding dresses and repairs are usually quite expensive. As long as you pack it up properly and fly with a reliable airline, you should be in the clear.

Buy an Additional Seat

This may not be the first idea to cross your mind when you are considering your options for transporting your wedding dress, but you could buy an additional seat for your dress. If you are someone who likes complete control, this could be the perfect option for you since you will have eyes on your dress at all times. Depending on how expensive an extra seat is, it may be worth it if you invested thousands into your gown. Prepare for the possibility of getting a few weird or strange looks on the flight, but as long as your dress arrives safely, it doesn’t matter.

Let Your Dress Shop do The Work

Depending on where you bought your dress, another option is to get them to ship it to the destination for you. Since they are a wedding dress company, they will have all the proper packaging, so you do not have to worry about your dress getting mishandled or damaged along the way. Only certain wedding dress shops offer this service and will cost you an extra fee, but if they do have it, we highly recommend this option.

Buy One When You Arrive

The last option you have that is definitely not for everybody is to buy a dress once you arrive. If you are having a beach wedding, some destinations might have tourist shopping, and you can find a beautiful flowy dress on the spot. However, this can easily become difficult if you can’t find one you like, there isn’t one in your size, or all of the dresses are out of your budget as tourist shops are often expensive. If you are the type who likes to plan ahead, this probably isn’t the option for you, but if you are spontaneous, this could be a fun and exciting part of your wedding trip.

All in all, when you choose to fly somewhere for your wedding, figuring out a way to safely transport your dress will have to be part of the planning. We recommend planning weeks in advance so there is no last-minute stress or repairs needed on the day of your wedding.