Using Bottle Sparklers At Your Wedding or Event

Using Bottle Sparklers At Your Wedding or Event

Planning a wedding or events can be a whole lot of work. From choosing flowers to cakes to dresses, it’s a whole process that can be pretty difficult to figure out and navigate through. When it comes to decorations and fun things to include at your wedding, bottle sparklers are the right choice and can make your event extra special.

What are Bottle Sparklers 

Bottle sparklers are a fun way to light up any party. You attach them directly to the top of a champagne or wine bottle and light them when you serve. You simply light the top with a lighter or matches and watch them sparkle.

When to Use Bottle Sparklers

Bottle sparklers are a hit at every event. They are most commonly used at weddings and parties or any sort of event that needs sparkles, such as anniversaries, graduations, and New Year’s Eve celebrations. As it is easy to attach to a bottle, you can bring them almost anywhere. 

They are a fun way to serve at your wedding but can also be used for parties, decoration, wedding favors, and photos. If you use sparklers at your wedding, including them for your guests to take pictures with is great fun for kids and adults, and the pictures always turn out fun. You can also use them for your wedding photos; they add a great touch. 

Another idea that you can incorporate in your wedding planning is using sparklers for your wedding photos. This might be a romantic idea to make your pictures unforgettable. Try moving your hand in a heart shape and snap a picture of it would be another idea for using sparklers. Ask your photographer about ideas as well.  

In addition restaurants and nightclubs. Restaurants often use them for birthdays or other special occasions. 

Using bottle sparklers right before wedding toasts is a great way to get everyone's attention for the speeches.

Safety First

In almost all situations, bottle sparklers are safe. They are 100% food safe. You need to purchase bottle sparkler safety clips to secure the sparkler to the bottle without it coming off. They are the safest way to attach the sparkler to your bottle. 

They are available in single, double, and triple so that you can attach up to three sparklers to one bottle. These clips are specially designed for the champagne sparklers as people used to attach them with rubber bands or other self-constructed ways, which are dangerous and can cause harm; that’s why these clips were invented. They are reusable and are easily attachable. You take the bigger side of the clip and attach that to the bottle and the smaller one to the sparkler.

These clips can be found for affordable prices that won’t bump up your budget too much. With the cost of your wedding eating into your finances, you will want the most economical option. You’re already buying the bottles, and the sparklers will be an essential element, so why not attach them to the bottles and combine them?

How Many Do I Need And What Else Do I Need To Know?

It’s good to know that each champagne bottle sparkler will sparkle for about 40-45 seconds. It would be ideal to have at least one for each bottle. These sparklers will light up in gold and have no color pigments for a low smoke experience. 

Our bottle sparklers are specifically designed for bottles and guarantee a safe and spectacular celebration. They also add a great effect to your event if it’s a wedding, graduation, or birthday that will impress everybody. Our champagne bottle sparklers are made from high-quality materials and work with our bottle safety clips, so you have a safe celebration. 

These champagne bottle sparklers will for sure make your wedding, birthday, anniversary, wedding toast, graduation, or party night unforgettable. They are safe and easy to use and are smoke-free to guarantee your photos are clear. They can be used with our safety clips, and up to three sparklers can be attached to one bottle, which can make the bottle of champagne sparkle even more.  

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