Using Sparklers in your Maternity Photos

Using Sparklers in your Maternity Photos

Adding sparklers to any special occasion can really add that extra flair and make a moment that much more special. We have seen sparklers being used at weddings and in wedding photos, as well as at baby showers or gender reveal parties. So why not use sparklers in your maternity photos to create some beautiful memories and capture gorgeous moments with an extra spark. 

To celebrate your maternity journey it is always nice to have a reminder of the special moment, maybe you are a first time mom or perhaps you want to do something a little more unique this time. We think using sparklers in your maternity photos is a great idea, and have outlined a few things to consider while doing so.

Choose Your Location

Wherever you decide to take your photos will depend on what theme you are going for and what type of background you want for your maternity photos. You also want to keep in mind that it should be comfortable for the mom to be and somewhere where there is space to try out different backdrops and positions. Taking maternity photos in nature is a beautiful way to capture the special moment and the beginning of a new life. Some ideas are having the photo shoot on a beach, in a forest, or somewhere with gorgeous flowers.

Choose the Right Sparklers

If you are using sparklers in your maternity shoot, you ultimately want a sparkler that will create the best results in your photographs.There are a variety of sparklers available in different shapes and colours, however I suggest you stay away from anything complicated for your photographs like different shapes or coloured sparklers. 

Another important factor to consider is the size you want to use. For a maternity photoshoot you do not want to go for an extra long sparkler nor do you want a sparkler that is too short. A great “in-between” sparkler is the 20 inch sparkler which is perfect for taking photos with.

Take Lots of Photos

To ensure that you get that perfect shot, you want to make sure you get many different photos and multiple poses with your sparklers. It can be a little bit tricky to get an amazing photo with your sparkler since it is sporadically moving in different directions. We suggest taking double the amount of photos with your sparklers than would generally be necessary. 

Another good idea is to also take a video of yourself posing with the sparklers. A rolling video can ensure that every moment that the sparkler is lit will be caught on camera and will ensure that you don't miss any part of the extravagant show.

Use as a “Secret” Gender Reveal

For the majority of your maternity photos we do recommend the standard gold sparkler however, you may want to use a few coloured sparklers as a secret reveal of your baby’s gender. Often, parents use a pink or blue sparkler in one of your photos to give a hint to whether your baby is a boy or a girl. Additionally, sometimes a green sparkler may indicate that you are having twins.

Be Safe

Sparklers are very fun to use, but of course you are using fire so you want to make sure that you are being safe and prevent any burns or other injuries. You want to be aware of your surroundings when you are lighting the sparkler and where you are holding the sparkler. The lit end of the sparkler should not be touching anything to make sure nothing is caught on fire like your clothing or anything in the background.

Should you Use Sparklers in Your Maternity Photos?

Nowadays, there are many different ways to create memories of your pregnancy and new additions to your family. If you are choosing to take maternity photos and want some amazing photos, using sparklers is a fun unique way to do so. Sparklers can add a beautiful element to your pictures and something that will stand out and be remembered. 

They can also be a fun way to give a secret gender reveal message to your friends and family. Whether you decide to do a maternity shoot with sparklers or not, will depend on your personal preference and using sparklers is just one special way you can do so.